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Rochelle (Ro) Fainstein is a self-taught, intuitive artist who has lived and created in NYC, TX, and now in Wilmington, NC. She travels often for inspiration.
An avid artist as a child and in her teens, Ro picked painting back up as an adult
as a form of therapy to work through trauma. Today, her works span different
media and include the celebration of quirky, extreme and joyful memories, as
well as moments that are more trying, and works rooted in the occult and horror.
Her work is always expressed in the abstract, as it appears and feels in her mind
and body. She just needs to get it out.

Banditka, for which her site and online presence is named, is a nickname for bandit her parents gave Ro, growing up, for her playful and lawless spirit that comes through in her works and personality.

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